A good heater in the tent

Have you ever met people that took camping a little bit too extreme? I remember a single afternoon when I was at a campground as a kid, then every one of us were camping in tents, appreciate all great people camp… I never understood why people would want to camp in an RV with TV and a/cs.

  • Wouldn’t that take away from all the fun and excitement of camping If you wanted an a/c and TV, then why not stay lake house for the summer? There was this lady next to us that was also tent camping, but her entire camping section was decorated appreciate a home.

I asked her how she was allowed to do all of that for just a few weeks, although she told me that she camped all year long. I was confused! How could you go camping in the Winter time without a gas furnace She explained that she used a space furnace to keep her tent sizzling while the two of us were in the winter, however though everyone figured that a space furnace wouldn’t be safe to go camping in, she explained that some space heaters, appreciate a radiating space heater, didn’t get sizzling enough to start a fire. Though it still was a bit cold even with the heater, she had sizzling blankets and had grown used to the frosty temperatures while the two of us were in the winter… She also told me that she would take a shower and get dressed at a local gym, where she would exercise while the two of us were in the week! I thought that it was a little strange that she used a furnace to camp in the winter, but to each their own.

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