A first time home owner

When I finally graduated college and got my first job, all I really wanted was a nice nice car. I had been driving around an old beat up truck ever since I was just sixteen, so now that I had some real money coming to me, I wanted to upgrade! I began to look online for hours looking for the perfect fit. Then out of the blue, I saw the car I wanted. It was a 2015 blue Dodge Charger and it looked great. The car was listed on craigslist so there weren’t many pictures of it posted, but the price very reasonable so I agreed to meet up with the person selling it. When I met up with them, I asked them is there anything wrong with the car. I was told that aside from a few minor problems with the air conditioning unit, there are no problems at all. This made we question him because just before I met up too see the car, I called my dad to ask for advice. He told my that if the owner says there are any problems with the heating or the a/c, don’t buy it because you will be the one who has to call and pay for an an HVAC repair tech fix it. I asked him if I could check out the problem with the a/c for myself, and then he started to get defensive about the car. After a few more minutes of some back and forth, I politely told him that I am not interested in the car anymore. I really want a new car more than anything, but I am not going to buy a car with a broken a/c. He will have to find another person for that!