A faulty heater

My wife and I were on vacation last year, in the pacific northwest. It was our first visit to the mountainous region, but we were excited to go hiking and fishing. Both of us are avid travelers, and we both love a good adventure. We planned our vacation for two years, trying to pay attention to each and every detail. Since it was our first trip, we decided to stay in a house rental. My wife booked the reservation a few months in advance, so we were sure to get a nice rental. Our rental was supposed to be a three bedroom cottage at the base of the mountains. The rental boasted mountain views, and a walking path to the creek. When we arrived, we were dismayed with our accommodations. Our three bedroom rental was a three room rental. Our cabin had a bedroom, bathroom and one large main room with the kitchen and living room in one. We had no view of anything, and the windows were all nailed shut. It was fifty degrees at night, and the heater didn’t work well. Halfway through our trip, we endured a terrible thunderstorm. The hail was so bad, that we couldn’t even leave the property. Without the heater, we were shivering and cold. The next day, we ended up going into town to buy a space heater for the cabin.  The space heater helped a lot. When we finally reached the rental company, they apologized for the faulty heating system, and issued us a credit on our bill. Our vacation wasn’t terrible, but it could have been much better.

HVAC tune-up