A ductless air conditioning unit

For mother’s day this year, my 2 siblings and I are determined to buy our mother a new  a/c. It’s May and it also means that summertime is getting close now. Unfortunately my mother’s cooling system  broke down last year, towards the end of summertime. The 3 of us had wanted to go and buy it immediately, but she asked us not to hurry up. She intended to spend money on fixing the gas furnace before the coming winter. So, for Christmas, my sisters and I got her a furnace customer service agreement with the Heating, Ventilation & A/C dealer. Now that the Winter season has passed and that it is really starting to warm up, every one of us thought it would be the perfect gift to get his a brand new a/c for mother’s day. All of us pooled together our money and got in touch with a local Ventilation & A/C company which agreed to meet the needs of our schedule, so that we’d hope the air conditioner installed the same day  our Mother and aunt were lunching out together. The entire a/c upgrade job was about just 2 hours, and by the time my mother came back home from the restaurant, the home was welcoming and cool. She was a bit hesitating when she walked in and realized the nice fresh air, but when she looked at the roses and the written message left next to the air conditioner, she was so elated. She grabbed her phone immediately to say thank you. She humbly acknowledged that it was the most awesome mother’s day ever.