A difficult lesson

The other month, when I had an HVAC worker come out to work on the HVAC system, I was shocked at what was going on. I knew it was strange when the HVAC worker started asking me about health concerns. He was asking if I was experiencing headaches or feeling faint. I had to admit that I had been getting headaches recently and felt a little sluggish when I was at home. Well, he went on to tell me the bad news about my heat exchanger having a crack in it. He said this was causing carbon monoxide to leak into my home. We opened all the windows right away to let the household air out. When I asked him how much it was going to cost to repair the HVAC system, he just gave me a look like I was absolutely nuts. He said there was no way that I could have the HVAC system fixed. He said that once the heat exchanger is damaged like that, it’s not worth the cost to have it fixed. I had to purchase a brand new HVAC unit altogether. I was in total shock and disbelief! When I finally realized that it was the only real move I could make, I had to dig into my savings to cover the cost for the new HVAC unit. He said that as long as I changed my air filters regularly with the new HVAC, and called for HVAC system maintenance regularly, I would never have to worry about such a problem. From then on, I kept up regularly with the HVAC maintenance!

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