A delicate hand with furniture

There are some jobs that people tend to look down on, even though are incredibly important. My mother raised me to treat every person with the same respect, be they a corporate big shot or a person shining shoes. Anyone who works hard for a living deserves respect. I wish more people thought like my mother, because I am a delivery guy, and a big ox who moves things around, and so people don’t tend to give me much respect at work. My boss does, though, my boss gets it, so that keeps me working hard and doing my best. I work for a small but growing company that designs and builds custom made furniture to order. It does not matter what style of furniture you want, from French style furniture to Southwestern style, Italian, European, Old World, Native American rustic, whatever style you want they can build. What my boss understands that most don’t is that once it is finished, it is my responsibility to keep these sofas, wooden tables and leather chairs safe and undamaged until they reach the buyer. The last guy who had my job damaged three different custom chairs and part of an elegant bedroom set in his six months on the job. I have been here much longer than that and have yet to break a single piece of any of the custom built furniture. My boss promises me regular raises, paid time off, and health benefits, and in return all I have to do is keep maintaining the safety of the custom made furniture shipments.

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