A comfortable ending

My favorite book series came out with a fifth installment last week. I waited to start the book until my day off, because I planned to read it until it is was finished. I often do that, when reading a book. I hate to pick it up and put it down. I wouldn’t want to watch a movie and then finish it over 5 days, for 15 minutes at a time. That is exactly how I feel about reading a book.

                I started reading the book last night, when I finished my dinner and a shower. I was well into the fourth chapter, by the time the clock struck midnight. I didn’t want to stop reading, but my eyes were starting to droop. I knew I would pick up the book in the morning. I slept well, but the morning brought some chilly temperatures. Before I could read a page from my book, I decided to start a fire in the fireplace. I didn’t want to turn on the heater, but a nice cozy fireplace seemed like the perfect setting to finish my book. I chose a few special logs for the fireplace, and I packed it with plenty of loose sticks and twigs.

                 When I lit the match, the fireplace started to glow with red, orange, and yellow flames. I dragged my favorite chair close to the fireplace, and settled down to finish the book. I read all afternoon, even while I had a sandwich, chips, and a Yoo-hoo. I finished the book late in the evening, and I think it was my favorite of all five. The author left the ending with a great opening, just in case he wants to add a sixth book to the series.

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