A/C Mistake

If you live in a house with an older HVAC system, you might notice that you might start having problems with your air conditioning as summer approaches. Of course, when summer is approaching, that’s the time that you start thinking about turning on the air conditioning unit in your house. But sometimes turning on your A/C turns out to be a problem. This is especially true if you have an old house with an old air conditioning unit. We have a pretty old air conditioning system and I’m usually pretty good about calling our local HVAC company to come and do regular maintenance work on our air conditioning unit. This past fall and winter, though, I kind of let things slip and I totally forgot to call the heating and cooling company to schedule our normal air conditioning maintenance. Of course then I forgot all about it during the holidays and over Christmas. I mean, air conditioning is at the bottom of your priority list when it’s really cold outside and the temperature falling by the minute. Well, I paid for that this spring when the weather started heating up and we decided that we needed to turn on the air conditioning. Our poor old A/C system started making all kinds of grinding noises and I knew that I should’ve called the HVAC company back when I was supposed to! Believe me, after I had to call the HVAC company to come out to do an emergency call to fix our A/C, I decided that I’d never make that mistake again.

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