A/C Makes a Lot of Noise

My neighbors are particularly nice and kind people.

The two of us get along great & never have the respected fights like some neighbors do.

They are so polite & have total respect for everyone they see. The only thing that my neighbor causes myself and others some kind of complication with is their central heating & a/c being making too much noise! Something is not quite right with that HVAC component of theirs, every single time the heating or the cooling turns on at their up-to-date home it makes this godawful noise that sounds like a bunch of cars zooming all over the living room! It occasionally entirely keeps myself and others awake at night. I have let them know about the issue & they are aware of it. But they said that they have had several certified HVAC specialists out to their little cottage to look at the central heating & cooling unit. The HVAC guys could not find any problems. The certified HVAC specialists just told them that it makes noises because it is an older model Heating & A/C system. My neighbors do not have a lot of money to spend willy nilly, so getting a new up-to-date central HVAC component at this time would make no sense when there is nothing wrong with the old one. They have tried unusual things to quiet the noisy Heating & A/C component down. Everything from throwing a tarp over it to even trying to pad it out with foam. The sound-deadening attempts have made the loud noise less offensive. However the complication has not gone away. Hopefully they will get a quieter Heating & A/C system someday.
a/c representative