A/C in the sunroom

Growing up in a region notorious for ugly winters and then cloudy conditions for much of the rest of the year was no treat.

I entirely didn’t know any better outside of going on holiday with my folks.

But, I assumed the holiday endpoints were perfect and everywhere else was prefer where I lived. This mindset allowed me to stay, marry and raise a family in the section where I grew up. Don’t get me wrong, it has been a nice life. I’m still married to the father of my children and those youngsters grew up to be entirely great people. However, things are getting ready to change in a legitimately giant way. My wife has retired and both of us are moving south. We purchased a small 2 bedroom home. I can’t wait to prefer all that sunshine. To that end, one of my dreams is coming true. The home has a sunroom added on to the back of the house. I can hardly wait to get down there and transfer in. My wife was distraught that I would only get to utilize the sunroom about 9 months of the year because of the Summer heat. So, she had the Heating & Air Conditioning people come in and put a small mini cut ductless heating and cooling plan in my sunroom. This was a masterstroke by my sweet wife. But, she knows how much it means to me to live the rest of my afternoons in the sunshine. So now, I can prefer it even while in the heat. I’m sure not sad to say goodbye to the snow and gloom. But, I’m super gleeful to say hello to the sun!

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