A big problem to deal with

Over the years, I’ve l gained the importance of proactive service for household appliances and systems.  I’ve enrolled in a repair program with a local business who specializes in electric, plumbing and Heating, Ventilation, and A/C.  The supplier sends licensed businesses to the condo twice per year to troubleshoot and prevent problems. I can be sure that everything is now working safely and officially.   A qualified plumber inspects the drains, pipes, fixtures, sump pump, septic and water heater. He checks for leaks, corrosion and blockages, and helps me to avoid water injure, flooding, lack of pressure and backups.  A certified electrician verifies the integrity of the power lines, breaker panel and appliance hookups. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professionals are NATE-certified, factory authorized, and handle the upkeep of the gas furnace and air conditioning.  In the fall, the business carefully cleans, adjusts and inspects the heating system. He tightens electrical connections, lubricates the motor, and takes care of any buildup of dust within the inner now workings. The professional returns in the Springtime to repeat the process with the air conditioning.  He targets troubles with mold and mildew growth on the cooling coil, which could potentially lead to health troubles. Because of these services, the gas furnace and air conditioning cost less to operate and give superior comfort. The equipment runs more reliably, should last longer, and provides more even and superior comfort.  By scheduling annual, professional service, I fulfill the requirements of the manufacturer’s warranty of my more than 2 appliances. The business also stands behind their job with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there’s any problems, I don’t pay for replacement parts and get a discount on labor. I also benefit from priority repair and no extra charge for overtime service.

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