A bad boy

A parent can never predict exactly how a kid will turn out. You simply have to do your best and hope for the best. We grew up with a very high-achieving family as our next door neighbours. Both parents were educated professionals who expected nothing less from their children – two girls and two boys. Bobby, the younger son, was always a bit of a rebel. While his siblings studied at home or school, it was usual for him to sneak down to the river to swim, fish, and engage in every activity prohibited by his parents. So, to the disappointment of his parents, Bobby never made it to college. Instead, he went to trade school and became a HVAC technician.

               At first, it was like the rest of his family were ashamed that one of their own was doing manual work. In time though, they became fully aware of the importance of the work Bobby did. Surprisingly, he turned out to be an efficient, reliable workman. He is the HVAC technician who does all the servicing and repairs on his relatives’ HVAC units.In fact, every single HVAC owner in that town wanted Bobby to do their servicing. Needless to say, this guy was earning good money from his work and before long, he opened his own HVAC dealership, employing several HVAC professionals to work for him. From what I hear, Bobby is expanding his business and should be opening up another HVAC store in a nearby town.

           So, contrary to his parents expectations, Bobby has a very successful career, even though they had considered him a failure.  They couldn’t be prouder!

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