A Bad Air Conditioner Made The Graduation Ceremonies A Failure

It was one of the most anticipated moments in my daughter’s life.

After years of toil and sacrifices, finally she graduated from university.

I took a seat in front of the stage and waited for her turn feeling comfortable and cozy with other parents. Good thing, the cooling equipment in that hall was working well. The graduation rites went on and we cheered each other’s kid as they pass through the stage. The ceremony was on its heights when the heating and cooling equipment of the room broke down. At first, we thought that the room was just fully occupied. But the heat went on and there was no sign that the HVAC system was working. Parents cannot help but talk about the sudden rise in temperature and the muggy, uncomfortable feeling that a malfunctioning brought to the audience. Then, we saw a group of men, air conditioner technicians that are much needed during the occasion. The graduation ceremonies still continued while the HVAC professionals and HVAC experts were working on to fix the HVAC system. While waiting for the cooling equipment to be fixed, I got myself busy by capturing the moment that my daughter accepted her certificate. I was also happy since I brought with me some cooling products that are perfect for the occasion. The handheld product was perfect for the moment. I also brought with me a cooling towel, a very effective piece of clothing equipped with gel and modern technology to absorb the heat from your body. These cooling products were very effective when we went on vacation in a tropical country. Everybody in the room was also using their fans and other cooling products. It took a while for the air conditioning system to be fixed. While waiting, the school staff brought in these huge, industrial fans to keep the crowd cool and dry. That moment just showed that even the most established schools may sometimes have weaknesses in their preparation. Who knows, they have forgotten to check their HVAC unit and conduct its required HVAC maintenance. Good thing though is that the HVAC professionals were quick to address the situation and we were comfortable again.


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