A Bad Air Conditioner Disrupted Church Service

It is Easter Season and there are more activities in church than we have in normal days.

The spring weather of the celebration made the interior of the church hot and muggy and thus an efficient air conditioning system would be a great help.

I thought the church staff had prepared for the Easter Sunday service and made sure that the cooling equipment is working just fine. After a couple of speakers, however, the atmosphere suddenly got so warm. Some church-goers went out to grab some fresh air. A bad cooling equipment is not only bad for the celebration, it also brings a bad image to the congregation. People will surely question where their funds go! It is noticeable that people are starting to get uneasy, a baby was also crying somewhere because of the heat. The pastor was also sweating and finally addressed the problem heads on by announcing to the crowd that a team of HVAC professionals are coming to fix the air conditioning system of the church. We were relieved. Meanwhile, they have installed fans in every corner of the church while the sharing, the sermons continue. The pastor assured that they availed of the services of an HVAC company that gives quality heating and cooling service. While the church activities went on, a team of HVAC professionals composed of a cooling technician, cooling workman and cooling expert work to inspect the central air conditioning system. Thank god, they have addressed the issue promptly. We were able to enjoy the Easter celebrations with ease and comfort. The cooling and heating company has sent HVAC professionals who were efficient in their job. It was said that there was something wrong with the fuse of the HVAC equipment and that they have to replace it. After that, the air conditioner is working properly again and we prayed to God that it will not break down again. With a good working air conditioner, we were able to enjoy the precious moments with our fellow Christians as we pray together to our dear Lord.


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