Getting compliments on the results of a personal training program

Being a religious man, I look forward to attending church every week.

That changed when I started gaining quite a bit of weight. I no longer felt confident about my physical appearance. While we are all considered equal in the eyes of God, people still judge one another. When I my pants ripped during a church service, I heard a few people snicker at me. I was so terribly embarrassed that I left the church as quickly as possible. I didn’t want to quit attending church or anything that serious, but I thought about finding a different church altogether. I then decided that it wouldn’t make a difference which church I attend. People would make fun of me for being overweight no matter where I was. Then I finally realized I needed to start exercising and eating better. I doubted I could be successful on my own. I decided to hire a personal trainer. I checked the websites of personal trainers in our area and was fascinated with what I found. There are quite a few trainers working in my local area. All of them are certified and offer different types of programs. The was one girl impressed me. She advertised that if clients were not satisfied with the results of her personal training techniques, they would be refunded. Her confidence inspired me. We met up and discussed my long-term goals. She asked about my eating habits and set up a healthy meal plan. She provided a lot of information on foods to avoid and those that offer higher concentration of vitamins and minerals. The physical training aspect was intense. She definitely challenged me to work harder than I ever had. It didn’t take me long to start losing weight. When I noticed a difference in my appearance and energy levels, I was motivated to keep going. Every week when I went back to church, someone would compliment my progress.

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Finding success in a personal training program

I am a religious kind of man.

When it comes to spreading the word of the church, I get excited about it.

There was a time when I prayed to find the strength of character to live a healthier lifestyle. I consulted with various people about eating and getting fit. I asked their advice and was told the importance of aerobic exercises. My lack of knowledge led me to consider either a personal trainer or a gym membership. Friends through the church recommended an excellent personal trainer who provides skilled services for a reasonable rate. I consulted with the personal trainer and was very impressed. He has helped to change my life in a positive way. I received helpful nutritional counseling. I completed all different types of workouts that were a considerable challenge. I felt good about my accomplishments and saw results. I lost weight and gained muscle tone. I felt better than I ever. Because personal training had benefited me so much, I felt compelled to spread the news to my fellow church goers. I’m not trying to force people or pressure them into anything. However I want others to have the same opportunity. Because of the personal training program, I am living a better life. I have started all sorts of new activities. I’m now involved with a white water rafting group. I got rock climbing and kayaking. I got for bike rides and play tennis. I never would have had the stamina to do this before. I am not only physically stronger but have more confidence now as well. I am taking better care of myself in every way.
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To hard on my wife about her exercise program

I’ve had to be more careful with how hard I am on my wife.

I work as a personal trainer.

Proper nutrition and a healthy way of life are a priority for me. I don’t eat junk food, smoke or drink alcohol. I get eight hours of sleep per night, drink the recommended amount of water and avoid refined sugar and fructose corn syrup. I don’t eat cake, meat or any fast food. I work out for a minimum of an hour a day. I often take a ten mile run just for the fun of it. I was pushing my beliefs onto my wife. I was giving her a hard time when she wanted dessert after a meal. I was upset if she skipped a workout to read a book. Eventually, I figured out that she was sneaking snacks in the middle of the night. She didn’t want to upset me, so she was hiding her stash of pretzels and muffins. I finally caught her eating a bowl of ice cream at midnight. I felt terrible. I realize that everyone needs to determine their own fitness and eating habits. What is right for one person isn’t necessarily the perfect method for another. As a personal trainer, I’m very aware of the need for a customized training strategy. I’m great with my clients. I hold them accountable but don’t ever make them feel guilty or if they’ve failed. I was not as perceptive with my wife. I’ve since completely changed the way I handle her. I actually stay entirely out of her eating choices and workouts. If she were suddenly to gain a ton of weight and start to jeopardize her health, I would definitely step back in. But she’s feeling good, looking great and way happier without me bossing her around.

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What I do to help menopause

I get my heart moving plus end up breathless at least several times per week.

I am 56 years old plus going through menopause. My symptoms are hot flashes, trouble sleeping, stress, weight gain plus sore muscles and joints. I’ve done quite a bit of research to figure out what’s going on with my whole body and how to reduce the symptoms. Menopause is characterized by a decrease in estrogen levels. This increases the possibility of heart disease and osteoporosis. I am unwilling to risk the long-term side effects of prescription pills. I’ve tried a wide range of natural herbs with limited results. I’ve now figured out that working out is an effective solution for the majority of my issues. My strategy is to help my joints, heart, bone plus mental health. I know that the more physical activity, the better I feel. Mobility is the key to joint health. I make sure to rotate my feet and hands, roll my shoulders, work my neck plus bend my knees a few times per day. To protect heart health, I do at least 30 min high intensity cardio. I get my heart moving plus end up breathless at least several times per week. I’ve made little movement in proper habits to increase my fitness level. I now ride my bike to the grocery store, take the stairs instead of the elevator and take walks on my lunch break. To encourage bone health and prevent osteoporosis, I target my hips, wrists and even my spine. I use resistance bands and even free weights to perform a wide range of exercises.

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A little exercise goes a long way

Symptoms of depression include sadness, feeling tired plus being lazy.

  • People who suffer from depression are not excited to start an exercise program.

They often lack the motivation, energy plus drive necessary to start. However, exercise has proven to be an effective solution to feeling sad and bad about yourself. Research has shown that proper physical activity provides successful treatment for a wide range of health problems, such as arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure. The research has proven that the psychological and physical benefits of exercise improve mood plus reduce stress. Working out breaks the cycle of poor thoughts by taking your brain off problems plus usual stress-triggers. Hardcore activity results in the release of feel-good endorphins, cannabis-like brain chemicals and other natural brain chemicals that promote a sense of well-being. There’s also the positives provided by setting plus meeting fitness goals; You like the feeling of accomplishment that translates into self motivation. A healthy lifestyle increases positive body appearance plus offers greater chances to meet and interact with people. While drugs, alcohol plus self-imposed solitude have a poor impact on health, attitude and well-being, physical activities offer a better strategy. Anything that requires energy and works the muscles can be categorized as physical activity. Household chores and leisure pursuits are both nice. Even going for a walk, painting a fence, washing windows or going for a swim are far better than remaining stationary at home. Structured exercise is planned and performed for the purpose of improving and maintaining physical fitness.

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Missing that gym membership

For 4 years, I have used a gym membership.

I paid my yearly fees plus visited the gym three or several times per week.

I’d spend an hour or two at the gym working out. I truly enjoyed it. I liked having access to the wide range of equipment. There was always an elliptical, treadmill or rowing device nearby. There was all different styles of stationary bikes and stair masters. I found the strength training machines actually nice in targeting unique muscles. There were machines dedicated to inner arm, back, outer plus inner thigh, hamstring plus just about anything I could ever need. Also, they offered group classes at the gym. I participated in spin classes, pilates, yoga and boot camp. These classes were fun plus difficult. The gym also included tanning plus a massage therapist. The locker rooms were regularly clean plus provided plenty of showers with great water pressure. I stopped going to the gym really because of the time involved. As my life has become quite busy, I could no longer justify the thirty minute drive to the gym several times per week. It’s much easier, cheaper and faster to workout at home. I’ve invested in some machines plus converted an office space into a dedicated fitness area. I have hand weights, kettlebells, a yoga mat, jump rope, stationary bike plus a treadmill. I still workout every day, even though I can cater more actually to my schedule. I miss all the conveniences plus amenities included in the gym membership. I hope to join up once more, when life isn’t quite so much.


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Personal training right before the wedding

After dating for nearly several years, my boyfriend and I decided to get married.

I was gleeful to start the next phase of our lives.

I was distraught to start planning the actual wedding plus instantly went dress hunting. As I tried on a series of gorgeous dresses, I was not cheerful with what I saw standing in front of me. I realized that I’d gained a ton amount of weight in the last few years. I was unwilling to walk down the aisle feeling bad about my appearance. I wanted to look beautiful for my man plus start a healthier way of life. I spoke with my future husband plus he agreed to sign up with a personal trainer. This certain trainer specializes in working with couples. The man was superb about customizing a fitness regime to suit both our strengths and weaknesses. The personal trainer helped us to create a much healthier diet. All of us threw out all of the high sugar snacks plus filled our fridge plus cupboards with fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains plus foods high in minerals plus nutrients. All of us replaced soda with water plus committed ourselves to a harder workout program. My boyfriend and I with the personal trainer a few times per week. The workouts were super intense plus there were several times when we considered stopping it all together. However, the personal trainer was great at what he did. The trainer held us accountable plus continued to motivate us. He encouraged us to stay active on those days when we didn’t meet with him.


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Corporate wellness was a really good idea

A little over a year back, the business I work for began offering a corporate wellness program.

This has been both great for moral plus productivity.

Since starting the program, employee absenteeism and turnover has been significantly cut down. The workforce is healthier, happier and doing better at their jobs. We have also bonded as a team through the group classes plus activities. Our job is mainly completed over the internet through a computer. The majority of us spend approximately 5 hours per day standing in a chair at our desks, typing on a keyboard and staring at a screen. All of us are extremely stationary plus yet there is quite a bit of stress involved. I began to have issues with weight gain, migraines plus sore muscles. I was having difficulty sleeping at night and struggled to get up in the afternoon. I was turning to coffee plus sugary snacks to keep me going. Even on Saturdays, I lacked the energy to participate in anything physical. The corporate wellness program has changed all that. I’m now living a much better lifestyle. A personal trainer comes to our building a few times per week. All of us can sign up for group classes, whole group and one-on-one consultation. The group classes are intense, including all sorts of squats, push ups, abdominal crunches, stretching plus strength training. The physical activities are held after work plus we’ve done everything from biking to rock climbing plus baseball. It’s a superb choice to get to know coworkers, get some exercise and have a great time.


How I got my training business afloat

She told her friends plus family plus I picked up a couple more people

I have regularly been involved in sports and fitness. Staying fit plus keeping myself in shape is extremely crucial to me, and during high school, I played on a wide range of teams, including hockey, baseball, football and track. In college, I took any courses related to the fitness field. Once I was done, I took certification courses to become a personal trainer. I was happy to get hired by one of the bigger fitness centers. This franchise is huge, so I assumed there would be potential for upward movement. Instead, I was actually unhappy with the focus of the gym. The management was far more worried about quantity of membership than quality of service. There was lots of pressure to sign up more members and no time to give personalized assistance. I was spending all of my time doing papertoil plus making phone calls. I saw a large turnover in our memberships as people got discouraged and then finally quit. I watched people utilizing machines not properly. I finally decided to branch out on my own. I started a personal training center that I ran out of my garage. I had that little business plus for nearly a year, and only one client. However, my one client was happy with her results. She told her friends plus family plus I picked up a couple more people. Within three years, I moved into a bigger facility plus hired more than one trainer to work with me. I’ve now opened several locations all over the city.

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Personal training really was the key

I was slightly pudgy growing up.

The concern became more difficult while I was in college. After graduation, I continued to gain more and more weight. I had no clue how to go about an exercise program, and my job is actually sedentary plus I work for long hours. I was snacking at my office desk plus grabbing quick meals on my way home. I was actually unhappy with my looks, plus I grew to be quite sad. My confidence went down, plus my nurse was uneasy about potential health concerns I could face. She advised that I get a gym membership. That turned out to be a total waste of my cash. I paid for a year’s membership plus only visited the gym only three times. I was extremely intimidated plus felt unsure about myself. I had no clue how to officially use the machines, plus the staff members were not nice or helpful. I ended up injuring myself attempting to lift too much weight. A coworker of mine advised that I try a personal trainer. At that time, I was terribly upset but willing to try just about anything. The personal trainer turned out to be the key to my success… From our 1st collaboration, I was motivated to achieve my goals. Him and I sat down and discussed my problems, fears plus long-range goals. The trainer asked about my eating habits plus explained where I was sabotaging myself with unhealthy meal options. Together, we created a healthy plus strict meal plan that I can stick with. The exercise program was extremely hard. The personal trainer continued to challenge me to work harder and longer.


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