I don’t mind helping out

    My mother’s birthday is next weekend and I’m planning a surprise for her. I’m going to make an unplanned visit. I don’t get to see her that much because I live three hours away. So, I think that surprising her would be a particularly superb way to spend some together and make her really happy. When I stay with her, I usually use her guest house in the backyard, but she recently told me that the window air conditioner isn’t working out there. I am planning to sleep in the spare room in the main house while I’m in town. I am also planning to help out around the house while I’m there. I think the top priority is to get her her air conditioner working. I’m pretty handy, so I think I’ll be able to fix her A/C unit. This would keep her from having to call an air conditioner technician to come out and make the repair, and if I’m able to fix her A/C I would save her a lot of money on service costs. I always try to help her out a little bit when I visit her at her house, because she usually has her hands full while visiting my dad at the nursing home, since his heart attack. She lives alone now, so there’s no one to help her keep the house in good shape. That’s where I can make myself useful. I hope that our visit is something that gets her really excited. She’s always happy to see me when I’m able to make time to come home.  If I’m able to get the air conditioner working while I’m there that will be so amazing. My mom is the best, so I don’t mind helping her out when I can. She’s done enough for me over the years, so I figure that I owe her a few favors.

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We did have to wait a few years

    I have always been very handy around the house. Over the years, I’ve found very few things I wasn’t able to repair, so I feel confident that I could fix almost anything. When it comes to taking care of the house, I know my way around things. I’m a skilled carpenter, plumber, and I can maintain the yard. But, there is one thing that I’ve never put enough time into, and that’s my HVAC unit. Each time it fails to work properly, I have to call my HVAC provider to fix it, so I’m totally at the mercy of the HVAC technician, because I don’t understand the first thing about cooling systems. To me, they are more confusing than your average appliance because HVAC units have so many moving parts. On top of that, each one is different, so figuring out the rules of one A/C unit may not apply to a another system. I know that I should spend some time learning how my air conditioner works, because it is getting to be pretty old. In a couple of years, I figure that I’ll have to eventually get a new HVAC system, but I would hate to have to deal with a lot of repairs in the meantime. I don’t have much room in my budget for additional A/C repair costs. It would be nice if I could just get some basics down, then I’ll be able to help out with the minor repairs.  Since I can take care of just about everything else around my house, why not learn how to fix the HVAC system? There’s a lot to learn, but the skills would probably pay off in the long run.

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Gorgeous sofas

I love browsing through furniture stores. I’m not actively looking for new furniture at this moment, but in the future I would love to buy a new kitchen set. I have seen all kinds of kitchen arrangements, but some just blew me away. Of course there were those that were so over the top that you would have to be rich and famous and have more cash than brains to buy, but that is their choice. I like the glamor that goes with Hollywood, and I was perusing a section of the furniture store that had what they call Fifth Allocation Style. I was intrigued by the modern and sleek that came with the posh and gaudy. It was not for me, but particularly .The Modern Hollywood Regency was also an interest to me. All of the posh and glamor of a 1930’s movie set. I could see myself in satin and lace, draped over the bed, reading a Harlequin romance. I would have my cigarette attached to the end of a six-inch cigarette holder, and I would be waiting for the butler to bring in my cocktail. I would call most people ‘dahhhling’ as I fluttered my eyelashes and swoon at the hint of an off colored word. Not me, but it’s fun for a fantasy.  Then I saw the Old World charm. It was comfortable, and it was gorgeous. I knew it was something I wanted. I looked at the price, and I looked at my partner and I smiled. Do you believe they would give me a more than two year layaway plan? Nope!

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This is very cool

Never did get why anyone would even hire an interior designer. It constantly seemed to be that when you finally make the decision to buy your home, that a lot of the anticipation has nothing to do with the purchase. When I bought my home, my excitement was how to furnish the home. I needed to find the perfect window treatments. I was kind of bummed because some of my outer walls didn’t have any windows, but that was overcome when I discovered wall treatments. I was able to make a wall look just like a window with the addition of drapery. I couldn’t wait to find the perfect furniture. I have a truly eclectic style when it comes to what I like. I can’t pinpoint any one recognizable style. I was talking to the salesman in the furniture store and I was trying to explain how I dig bold colors, but yet I prefer to throw in the sands and beiges to keep it from looking clownish. I told him that i’m not into modern, but I like the comfortable look, but I prefer clean. He smiled at me and he started walking. He told me he found the best the thing for me. I was blown away when he told me it was called Eclectic Desert.  I didn’t care what he called it, I just called it home. I lived in the midwest, and I have a house that is supposed to look like a home from the desert. Some people just look at me with skepticism, but I am in love with my furnishing, and I did it my way.

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Now I need a chair

When I told my mother I planned to work with an interior designer to furnish my home, she thought I was wasting my money.   She didn’t see why I couldn’t simply visit the local furniture store and department store to get everything I needed. Since I was looking to create a identifiable  style and continuity throughout the house, I knew I needed some help. I didn’t want to waste my money on generic, pressboard furniture, or end up with a decor that looked  cheap and cluttered. I read reviews online and finally selected a custom furniture shop that’s been around for over a hundred years. Part of their service includes free design consultation, which was exactly what I needed.  I set up an appointment, and a design specialists spent many hours at the house, going through every room. He took detailed measurements, asked about my expectations, and made a lot of suggestions. I was happy that the custom furniture shop is able to handle everything, from the window treatments and bedding to the new couch and kitchen table.  And, they actually made everything themselves, from scratch, completely in-house. There’s no worry about finding the perfect piece to suit the size and style of the space. Whether I need an odd-shaped table, oversized couch or special length of draperies, they create the item to fit perfectly. With the help of the design specialists, I was able to totally revitalize my indoor space, improving comfort, beauty, and enjoyment.  The quality of the fabric, wood and all of the materials helps to resist stains, tears, and everyday wear and tear, ensuring it will hold up and continue to look nice. The design consultant paid close attention to energy savings, tailoring the draperies to keep the rooms warmer in the Winter and block sunlight during the summer. Once the project was finished, my mother admitted that calling a custom designer to handle the renovations of my house was a smart decision.  

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The right places

When I remodeled our family room, I had a very unique  vision in mind. I spent a lot of time planning every detail of the space, from the color of the walls, to the door moldings and light fixtures.  I was extremely excited to complete the construction project and finally choose the furnishings. I spent a lot of time going to see many furniture stores in the area and shopping online, although I simply couldn’t find the right pieces.  Between the unique dimensions, style, color and fabrics, nothing quite met my demands. I finally came across a custom furniture store, where the furnishings are always made from scratch. I expected this service to be extremely expensive but was pleasantly surprised by the price.  While the cost was higher than a local store, the quality and integrity of the custom furnishings are far superior. Plus, I was able to tailor every aspect to our tastes and requirements. I sorted through a wide variety of fabric swatches for draperies and upholstery, selected the hardwood for the tables and chairs, and even customized details such as throw pillows, vases, and artwork.  One of the best aspects of collaborating with a custom furniture shop was the personalized attention. I was given recommendations, helpful tips, and guidance from a professional with a great deal of experience and expertise. This saved me from making mistakes or choosing subpar materials. Because all of the custom furniture was built in-house, everything was made according to our exact specifications.  I was able to get a slightly oversized couch with a matching divan and ottoman. In the end, the room turned out perfectly.


This is alright with me

I love the comfort of convenience, just like most people.  It is honestly one of the major advantages of living in the present day.  When I remember the fantastic ole days, I recall strenuous jobs in addition to inconvenience.  For example, a childhood memory that I have, is seeing our Grandpa as he went outside to his garden to pick peas in addition to corn.  I would rest by his side as he shelled the peas in addition to shucked corn. But when I was required to actually help instead of surveying, I thought this sucks!  As an adult, I cook some however I microwave more. The advent of online shopping was another step toward unbridled convenience. I was even more excited when I realized that I could make the servicing of our AC equipment convenient as well. I understand that preventative service is important for our heating and AC method, so I try to do as much of it as I can.  I change our furnace filter always every four weeks. Also, to help the heating and AC equipment run smoothly, I keep the registers unclogged by furniture in addition to rugs. I keep the debris removed from the outside equipment as well as keeping the foliage trimmed back. The condenser equipment also gets hosed down when I see dirt starting to accumulate on it.  But there are some things that I must leave to the professionals. I have a heating and AC service tech check in addition to calibrate the temperature control. They also measure voltage in addition to currents on equipment motors, as well as tighten electrical connections. Since I must have these services performed always anyway, I found a heating and AC club that offers service discounts, priority scheduling, even no-after hours or holiday fees.  Another needed convenience that I can’t live without.

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The northern region

Living on a remote island has forever been particularly beautiful to me; I was looking for a change of pace plus these charming plots of floating land provided just that.  I found out that this could be a reality for me after I moved to the northern region of the country. This area had a chain of small islands only a couple of miles off the coast.   I found the perfect home plus the island for me after six weeks of intensive searching. Because being secluded was the major appeal of this home, I had multiple inspections completed on the home in order to prevent needing emergency repairs during the frigid Wintertimes.  One of the services that I paid close attention to was provided by our heating and air conditioning company. It was important for me to know that the gas furnace was in proper working order, or if there were any parts that needed to be replace or repaired to ensure that the gas furnace would run efficiently during the upcoming Wintertime weeks.  Also, it was imperative that I eliminated any option of a cabin fire due to the faulty gas furnace. The heating and air conditioning service serviceman diagnosed the air filter in the furnace; it was filled with dust and debris. So it had to be changed immediately before the gas heater could be used. I made a mental note that this was something that I could do properly to keep our energy cost low.  The heating specialist continued with a particularly thorough inspection of our heating and air conditioning system. Now that the gas furnace had been diagnosed, I felt particularly comfortable that my secluded life was off to a enjoyable and comfortable start.

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I’m pretty happy with this

When I heard that one of my favorite music groups we’re going to be visiting my city, I was very excited. As soon as I got the news I purchased the tickets for me and my girlfriend. She loved the band too, and was as excited as I was! I even got my hands on a couple of VIP tickets so that we could see the band after the show. The only drawback to the concert, was that it was held outside and it was a very hot day. it was sizzling out there, and the humidity was pretty bad. There was no manner of air conditioning to cool us off, but the concert was going so great. When we got a chance to go backstage to meet the band I was impressed. They were very nice people and they were laughing and joking and even played a special number for us on acoustic.The greatest relief however, was that there was wonderful air conditioning backstage.  Without the breeze from the A/C to cool us off, I might have had to cut the visit short or risk falling over from heat exhaustion. I am just not very good at tolerating extreme heat. I’m actually quite surprised I was able to make it through the entire show okay. My girlfriend did encourage me to soldier on though.


This makes sense to me

The other day my kids wanted to go on a trip to the amusement park. Unfortunately, the a/c gave out on us, and it was a long ride! I went to adjust the temperature control, but the air was barely even cool. It was certainly better than nothing though, so I kept the windows down and the a/c going to try and stay cool. It seemed crazy to let a/c air just fly out the window, however it was the only way to try and stay somewhat comfortable. When we arrived at the theme park, it was steaming hot, and my boys were dying, so we bought some ice cold sodas. We figured our best bet was the water park, since there was no cooling system around. When we in the water, it was refreshingly cool. It was so relaxing and we were sufficiently cooled off. The waterpark was a godsend. My boys were having so much fun, that we stayed there until the water park closed. That was when the sun was starting to set. As I was driving home, I asked the kids if they wanted, pizza and they said yes. I went inside to order the pizza and it seemed as if there was no a/c in the building! I didn’t expect to be there for too long, but I was wrong. I was in there for roughly 30 minutes languishing in the heat. I asked them about their thermostat however they said their HVAC system wasn’t working. They explained that there was an HVAC repairman coming who was running late. When I finally got my order and was leaving, that’s when I saw the HVAC van pull up to the site. I thought that was lucky for them, but too late for me!

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