She rushed into this

When our daughter graduated from college, she decided to buy a house. I felt like she might not be ready for that step, but she said she was wasting money by renting. She wanted to invest, instead of throw her money away. The reason why I thought she wasn’t ready though was because she was in a rush to get a place and didn’t think things through. She didn’t even really know what to look for exactly when it came to finding the home that was right for her. At least she had the home that she ended up getting inspected. When her mother and I checked it out for the first time, I thought she could have gotten a much nicer place. She was saying that she couldn’t pass up on such a great deal though. I noticed there was mold in the basement, the HVAC unit seemed incredibly old, the air quality was bad and it was humid in the place. I told her that she needed to get a dehumidifier, an air purification system, and she really needed to call the HVAC company to have her HVAC looked at. Before I knew it, she was calling me up asking me if I could help her afford a new HVAC unit. She said that the HVAC company said her HVAC machine was basically shot and needed a lot of work. They said it wasn’t worth the cost to repair it and she would be better off buying a new HVAC unit. It was just as I thought, she rushed into the sale and didn’t think about this type of problem. At least it was a lesson she would remember.

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I don’t think I could live without radiant heated floors

One of the smartest moves we made recently was upgrading to radiant heated floors. We actually did this before the winter season. It was just in the nick of time because we had everything ready to go before the first frost of the winter arrived. I was so happy when we were able to crank up the radiant heated floors for the first time. We also had a new smart thermostat so it was incredibly easy to control the climate control settings. Feeling the radiant heat coming from the floors was kind of like a miracle to me. It was hard for me to believe that we actually had such a fancy heating system in our place! When I stepped out of bed to go make some coffee, my feet were nice and toasty! When I went to take my shower, I didn’t feel that powerful chill coming from the bathroom tiles. The floors were so comfortable, I actually have rested on the floor at different times. My wife thought I was crazy when she seen me laying on the floors the one time, but I convinced her to join me and we were both relaxed for a little while just resting on the floor. Hey, as long as you keep your floors clean, there’s nothing to worry about! Something that really impresses me is the fact that the air quality isn’t affected. We don’t have to worry about dust blowing through the ductwork, and the heating system is quiet and peaceful. At this point in time, I don’t think I could live without radiant heated floors.

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A comfortable ending

My favorite book series came out with a fifth installment last week. I waited to start the book until my day off, because I planned to read it until it is was finished. I often do that, when reading a book. I hate to pick it up and put it down. I wouldn’t want to watch a movie and then finish it over 5 days, for 15 minutes at a time. That is exactly how I feel about reading a book.

                I started reading the book last night, when I finished my dinner and a shower. I was well into the fourth chapter, by the time the clock struck midnight. I didn’t want to stop reading, but my eyes were starting to droop. I knew I would pick up the book in the morning. I slept well, but the morning brought some chilly temperatures. Before I could read a page from my book, I decided to start a fire in the fireplace. I didn’t want to turn on the heater, but a nice cozy fireplace seemed like the perfect setting to finish my book. I chose a few special logs for the fireplace, and I packed it with plenty of loose sticks and twigs.

                 When I lit the match, the fireplace started to glow with red, orange, and yellow flames. I dragged my favorite chair close to the fireplace, and settled down to finish the book. I read all afternoon, even while I had a sandwich, chips, and a Yoo-hoo. I finished the book late in the evening, and I think it was my favorite of all five. The author left the ending with a great opening, just in case he wants to add a sixth book to the series.

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Air conditioner


              My mom was having car trouble last week, so I agreed to drive her to the dealership. She was going to leave the car there for a few days, so they could check on the issue. The air conditioner in the car was making a strange sound. It only made the sound when the air conditioner was on high, which I thought was very peculiar. My mom was worried about the air conditioner, because the summer weather was soon to arrive. As soon as my mom got an appointment at the dealership, we took the car to be inspected.

               My mom found out that the motor for the air conditioner was going bad. They gave my mom some good news. The part for the air conditioner was not going to cost a lot of money, but they had to order it from the dealership. Instead of waiting three days for the air conditioner repair, my mom had to wait 3 weeks. During that time, they set my mom up with a rental car. It was a midsize SUV, and way nicer than my mom’s old sedan. The whole time my mom was driving the rental car, she complained about not having her own car. I would have been happy for that wonderful SUV, but my mom actually missed her old piece of junk.

              My mom is kind of funny that way, but she prefers her sturdy and trusty oldsmobile. When my Mom was finally in her old car, she was happy as a clam. They fixed the air conditioner and they even changed the oil.

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Central AC

I didn’t have a lot of money when I was younger, but I received a hefty settlement when I was 25. I wanted to do something good with the money, so I bought a small house. The house was cheap and inexpensive, because it needed significant repairs indoors and Outdoors. The small house was located on a 2-acre lot. The lot was overgrown with weeds, and the fence was falling apart. The house needed new floors and a Fresh coat of paint. The small house didn’t have a central HVAC unit. Instead, I had a heat pump and two small window A/C units. The small heat pump worked great during the winter, and ample heat was delivered using the floor registers. During the summer season, I used the A/C units to cool the indoor air. During the first year or two, I made do with the two window A/C unit. It wasn’t the best situation, but at least I had something. During the third year in my home, I had to replace the heat pump. When I spoke with the HVAC contractor, he recommended getting rid of the window A/C units and going with a dual heating and cooling system. It was expensive to add an air conditioner to the heat pump, but I thought it would increase the value of my home. I lived in the house for another five years, before I met my wife and bought another house. When I finally sold the small dwelling, I doubled my investment. I was right about the HVAC unit, because a lot of folks were happy to see central heat and air conditioning as well.

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Trading services

When my wife was transferred to a new state for work, my life was turned upside down. I had a busy and thriving air conditioning repair business, and I thought we would live there forever. I spent two years making the air conditioning repair business a success, and I had to close my doors and start over. I had no choice but make the best of an awful situation. My wife could not say no to the transfer, because she received a huge promotion and a significant raise in pay. It was a really big deal, and I didn’t want her to say no. Even if I was unhappy to move, it was a major career move for my wife. I scouted the new area for months, before choosing a location for my air conditioning repair business. I chose an industrial complex, where there was a plumbing business located already. When I was meeting with the realtor to make the final plans on the location, the owner of the plumbing company came to say hello. I told him about the air conditioning repair business and our move. The owner was really nice and offered me a great deal. He was happy to recommend me to any plumbing jobs that needed an air conditioning repair, if I would recommend his company for any jobs where a customer asked for a plumbing repair. It seemed like a great way to advertise, when my air conditioning business was still new to the area. I’ve been here for a few months, and it’s been slow so far. There are more air conditioning repair businesses in this area, so it’s going to take a lot of advertising to get my name out there.

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Why hump days are my favorite work day

My company has come up with a unique thing to do on Wednesdays. Nobody likes hump day;  only Mondays are worse. My managers decided to come up with a way to get over the hump a little easier. Wednesdays are typically “planning and collaboration” days for our office. What in the world does that mean? Well, I will tell you the most important part of what it means. It means we do not have to stay in the office for our shift. If we feel, as employees, that there is a more suitable place for us to brainstorm and collaborate with each other on company projects, we are freely allowed to go to those places. We just have to swing back by and clock out at the end of the day. The only catch is having to present some form of coherent explanation as to what we accomplished as a group that following Thursday morning. Anyway, I love Wednesdays because I get to go anywhere but the office. You see, the office has terrible HVAC. Management only ever provides excuses for why it is not properly maintained. It is never sufficiently cool enough in the summer, answer was always a draft in the winter. Sometimes, it makes me want to take up HVAC training so that I can learn how to fix the darn thing myself! However, the next best thing is hump days and getting to leave the office! Me and my co-workers typically start the work day in a perfectly air-conditioned diner and eventually migrate to an equally well climate-controlled coffee shop, and it is wonderful!


My first date in a freezing cold restaurant

I will never forget my first date. I don’t remember a time in my life when I was more nervous. I was so unsure of myself and could hardly believe that this girl was interested in me to begin with! I was only 17, but thankfully I had a pretty decent job at the time. At least, it was decent enough to have the money to take us to a nice restaurant. It was a high-end Chinese place, as I figured Italian would be too messy and embarrassing to eat, potentially. I picked her up from her home and could barely muster the courage for light conversation as I stared down the road with my hands out in front of me gripping the steering wheel without ever once making eye contact. When we finally got to the restaurant, we found it to be ridiculously cold. It was the summertime, but it’s like they had their air conditioning set to full tilt and then some! My date finally looked at me as she shivered and said, Well, this is not going to make breaking the ice any easier, is it? The most nervous, silliest sounding laugh escaped from my mouth before I could even think. She started laughing too, but it was clear she wasn’t laughing at me. The truth is, that little joke broke the ice and helped me open up rather well. We struck up a conversation far more naturally from that point. When our food finally arrived, I have to say that it was delicious, though we had to eat it fast because the air vents were blasting cold air. I’ll never forget how my first date was so gracious and patient with me and my awkwardness.

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Broken Space Heater

I have had several space heaters in my home for a few years now to run with my fireplace in the winter time months. Recently, one of those space heaters broke down on me! I was not sure what to do, as calling a heating and cooling company to send out a certified heating and air conditioning specialist would probably be ridiculous for something that would cost probably half of what a heating and cooling company would charge just for the trip alone. However, this time of year towards the end of the winter time months heading into spring, there is not many hardware stores that still have space heaters in stock so I could buy a brand new and up to date replacement for the space heater that just broke on me. I was in a real dilemma. I could just forget about it and let it go till next year, however, it is unusually still cold because of a lot of rain we had been having. So I am still using the space heaters and the fireplace. I do have a working central heating and cooling system that could give me central heating, but that would raise my electric bill if I had to use the central heater more than a week. I do not know what this crazy weather is going to do next. I just had my air conditioning on last week, but then turned back on to the space heaters and fireplace this week. I suppose I will make my decision at the end of the week and just use my central heater for now.

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Gas Can Work

I have one of those old gas furnaces in my home. The gas furnace actually works really great still today and I really do not have any plans on replacing it any time in the near future. I have had some heating and air conditioning specialists try to sell me on replacing my gas furnace and exchanging it for a brand new, up to date and pretty pricey central heating and air conditioning system. I have always turned them down! I do have central air conditioning in my home along with a whole home air purification system. Those 2 things are the only things I have that are up to date and part of the latest and greatest in heating and air conditioning technology. I even had to have fresh new ductwork put in to get those things installed into my happy home. They can forget it if they think I will ever replace my gas furnace until I truly and really have to. I know that day will come eventually. But I just do not see it happening or coming any time in the near future. The heating and cooling specialists that do the tune up every year on my heating and air conditioning system as well as the gas furnace even said that the gas furnace is in full working order. They are just required to try to upsell me on the heating and air conditioning HVAC equipment because it is part of their hard job every day in the HVAC field. I do feel for them, but I will not cave in to the same old sales pitches I always get from them!

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