Heated flooring isn’t helpful for yoga

While I used to avoid needing a shower after my yoga session, I now have no choice in the matter

I decided to redo all the floors throughout the inside of my house. The old carpet got torn out and I put cement board and new ceramic tile on top. Before I installed the tile, I made a last minute decision to add heated floors to my whole house. My local weather does not get all that cold. We never get snow or temperatures below freezing. However, the cost of electric heated flooring was reasonable. I figured I would be happy to have radiant heating in the entire house. I also made certain to have all the flooring link to a single thermostat. I didn’t think it would ever be necessary to set a different temperature in independent rooms. I recently realized that for the purpose of working out, I would really like to customize temperature. I am a huge fan of yoga. I regularly unroll my yoga mat, watch a video and complete my workout in the living room. Yoga provides a fantastic way to stretch, relax, work on balance and get a light workout. It helps me to relieve stress and improve my mood. Unfortunately, now that I have heated flooring, it is not as enjoyable. Radiant heat warms all the objects it comes in contact with. My yoga mat steadily becomes warmer and warmer after I set it down. The whole time I am performing yoga, I am drenched in sweat and feeling overheated. I am quite loose plus able to stretch thoroughly. While I used to avoid needing a shower after my yoga session, I now have no choice in the matter. I could lower the setting on the thermostat so I don’t sweat to death, but it would impact the whole house. I know my husband would complain if his office was suddenly super cold.

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Trying to create a workout space in tool shed

My wife and I just bought a home.

  • I needed a location on the property where I can work out.

The inside of the home is not big enough and doesn’t offer tall enough ceilings for what I do fitness wise. I had plans to build an outdoor deck with an overhead covering. However, saving up the money for that is going to take awhile. Right now, it appears that I am going to need to utilize the outdoor tool shed. The shed features 8 foot tall ceilings, sufficient width and length. This space should work out for now. I am a little concerned about the lack of climate control in the shed. I replaced the windows and caulked and insulated them to prevent outside air from coming in. One wall of the shed was an old pegboard. I ripped down that wall and added insulation. I don’t currently have heating and cooling installed in the shed. I am a bit worried about this. I am located in the south and the heat is just horrendous. It is typically sweltering all year long. I will need to get up especially early in order to work out before the heat or invest in some type of A/C system. In the winter, the chilly weather might be a relief. I do have electrical outlets, so I could run a space heater. I have done some research into affordable types of temperature control and think that I need a ductless heat pump. I want to get the most beneficial workout possible. Since I don’t have a gym nearby or access to any type of personal training facility, I need to handle my fitness on my own. The last thing I want to do is hate working out. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to create a usable and comfortable home gym.

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Converting shed into a home gym

I am in the process of renovating my outdoor shed into a home gym.

It is a bit of a challenge to make the space a work out friendly environment.

First, I need to update the whole structure. The cement floors are not the best for working out. I realized that my feet, hips and back aches after exercising on such a hard surface. I have now invested in some folding mats to entirely cover the floor. Next, I had to replace the windows because they were not airtight. I was dealing with bugs, moisture, drafts and heat. I was worried the exposure would ruin my fitness equipment. I also invested in a new overhead light that is flush to the ceiling and a ductless mini split. Working out in a climate controlled environment is a game changer. Overly hot and sticky conditions cause me to feel exhausted, sluggish and I’m more apt to cut the workout short. Too chilly of conditions caused tight and stiff muscles that are more prone to injury. No matter the time of year, I am able to adjust the temperature to work out in comfort. I also invested in some shelving for storage for my free weights, wobble board and kettlebells. I use them when I do weightfliging and squats. I have installed hooks to organize sweat towels, jump ropes and my bicycle for when I want to benefit from some cardio. It was rather expensive outfitting a home gym but I was fortunate to already have the structure available. Now after all the money and time I invested, I have the ideal space. I am so thankful and happy I did it. Working out has never been so rewarding. I have made it so I can have really productive work outs whenever I have the time.

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Working on back tucks is toning my body

My goal is to accomplish a standing back tuck before I have children.

Once I get pregnant, I will probably not be able to achieve it.

My body will change and my workouts won’t be as long or regular. My plan is to be able to perform this gymnastic trick perfectly, video myself doing it and share it with my friends. I need perfect technique to accomplish a back tuck. I have access to folding mats to cushion my landing. Currently, I fold up a mat to create a block that I stand on. I have the additional height as I tuck off the block and land on another mat. I force myself to do at least 10 standing back tucks off the block each day. On a productive day I will manage around 20 of them. I make sure to complete at least one tuck two minutes. A forty minute workout isn’t enough to build the right muscles and stamina. I also make certain to stretch and I work on other gymnastic elements for the remaining time. Needless to say, I am getting in extremely good shape. I wasn’t aware of all the muscles a tuck works until I started performing them regularly. Who would have believed that back tucks tighten up abdominal muscles? My legs tucking into my belly target those muscles. My legs and butt are hard as rocks because they work hard to propel me airborne. Strangely enough, even my arms have become stronger. I swing and reach the arms up to achieve vertical height before I tuck. Even when I no longer want to achieve a back tuck, I will continue including tuck jumps in my workouts.


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Planning to get into kayaking

My husband and I just bought our first home and it is located right on a lake.

By walking just a few steps down to the lake, I can go for a swim if I want.

My husband and I started out swimming and laying on flotation devices while sipping a few beers; Now I have decided to improve my fitness never. The lake is very long and wide across. I recently bought a two-person kayak for us to try out. I am convinced that he and I are going to enjoy kayaking together for a workout. We can paddle as much, as fast or hard as we want for an arm workout and then jump out of the kayak and swim it back for a total body work out. It would also be especially fun because my sound doc can be attached to the kayak and provide us hands free music. I chose a kayak with sufficient space to carry water bottles and some snacks too. The kayak isn’t only for getting fit. I think a kayak could be a fun thing for us to do together as a couple. We might as well make use of the lake since the cost of our home was based on the waterfront. I also have been considering a stand up paddle board. If kayaking proves to be a great thing for us, paddle boarding is going to be next. It seems like a wonderful work out while also providing a tan. I like the idea that I can get a good arm workout without lifting weights. Plus, some variation in my workouts is always helpful. Hopefully I am not spending a ton of money on all these water accessories to simply take up space in my shed.
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I like riding my bike for a workout

I participate in a personal training class several days per week.

The fitness expert who runs the class loves having us bike.

We ride the stationary bike for a big portion of the class. Sometimes the class is a plain old spin class and other days it is just thirty minutes of peddling at fast speed up an incline. My fitness instructor has talked so much about the benefits of biking that I am now getting back into it. I purchased a high quality bicycle. This is something I haven’t done since I first got my driver’s license. I now ride my bike to work out on the days when I’m not at the gym. Where I live, I have access to a long bike path that is paved. I enjoy being able to ride for miles and miles. I have the bike set up so I have everything I need right with me. I have a water bottle holder, phone mount and a cordless sound speaker that hooks to my bike. I also installed a bike basket that carries a yoga mat, jump rope and sweat towel. I have made sure that my ride is perfect for my workouts. I don’t just stick to the bike for workouts either. I often ride to the grocery store to stock up a few things, handle a bank deposit or run an errand to the post office. I am much healthier because of riding a bike. I like that I’m saving the environment and spending less on gas for my car. Riding a bicycle has definitely improved the way I look. My butt and thighs have never been so toned. I am constantly doing something physical during my free time now. I even look forward to the biking section of my fitness class since I have gotten so good at biking.
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Our HVAC unit was haunted

Our old HVAC unit was haunted.

As crazy as it sounds, when you hear the rest of the details, you will be convinced that our central air conditioner was indeed haunted.

It all started when we moved into a different neighborhood. The house we purchased was pretty new, but the previous owner who was an HVAC technician, wanted the central air conditioner transferred from his old home to this one since he had built the air conditioner with his own hands and it was very valuable to him. The old man passed away and we purchased the house along with his central air conditioner. It wasn’t long before we realized that something was up with the old central air conditioner because it was making strange noises and at night when the air container was running we would hear strange scratching noises coming from the air vents. My dad, who is an HVAC technician, decided to take the air conditioner apart and see if he could find the problem with it. My dad was shocked by the strange way that the old man had built the central air conditioner. Inside of it were strange parts that he had never seen before, along with a wired ora that made him uncomfortable. My dad took the air container to the heating and cooling business and tried to sell it, but to no avail. No HVAC company would buy the old air container, so my dad decided to sell it online. When it finally sold, we were happy to install a new and normal central air container for our home.

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The best HVAC unit we ever built

My sister and I have built many of our own HVAC units over the years.

Since both my dad and mom are HVAC technicians and have taught us all about air conditioners, furnaces, hot water boilers, and air purifiers, my sister and I had a great foundation for becoming great HVAC technicians. I built my first air conditioner when I was only eight years old, and my sister built an air purifier when she was eight as well. As we grew older, we began working together and constructing our own unique HVAC units. We built an extravagant window air conditioner that had a built in HEPA air filter, as well as different light and sound effects for fun. We also built a super heater four our inground pool. While this furnace was very hard to make and took us an entire year to build, when we were finished our parents were extremely proud of what we had accomplished. Now my sister and I own our own business of building air conditioners and furnaces and shipping them across the world to sell. We are known for our unique types of HVAC units, since we always build air conditioners and furnaces that you can’t find at a typical heating and cooling business. We were working on a prototype HVAC unit that worked like a zone controlled HVAC system, only this unit has an air conditioning, furnace, and air purifying system all combined into one powerful HVAC unit. We finished this unit and sold our first one to a major HVAC company who asked us to partner with them and mass produce our HVAC units to sell across the globe. What an opportunity!


The best HVAC unit we ever built

We invented a new type of air conditioner and furnace

When I was growing up, my brother and I always had an interest in air conditioners and furnace, part of this is because our father is an HVAC technician, and at times he would take us to work with him and show us how to fix different parts of an air container, furnace, or air purifier. As we grew older, we converted the old shed in our back yard into an HVAC repair station. Whenever my dad would bring home an air conditioner, furnace, or air purifier that needed a lot of work, he would drop it off in the HVAC shed and my brother and I would work on it and fix it for our dad. Now that my brother and I are adults, we have put our knowledge of HVAC units together and started building our own HVAC units. We build several different types of air conditioners including central air conditioners and window air conditioners, as well as furnaces and air purifiers. One thing we noticed was that so many people these days want air purifiers in their house so that they can have clean air. People were spending hundreds of extra dollars to get special UV light air purifiers, this is when my brother and I got the idea to build an HVAC unit that had both an air conditioner and furnace included in it, as well as a built in UV light air purifier. Although it took a couple of years to complete, we built the first hybrid HVAC unit and sold it for thousands of dollars.



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My animals love their HVAC units

My animals love their HVAC units.

I own a bar that is the home to five horses and some sheep.

When I first purchased the barn, there was an old wood furnace inside, but I saw this as a terrible fire hazard and decided to go to the heating and cooling business and see what my options were for heating my barn. At first I couldn’t decide what heating system I wanted, then I came across the zone controlled heating system. I figured that zone controlled heating was what would be the most effective way to heat my barn, and to save money since some of my horses like their stalls a little warmer or cooler, and the sheep always like it cooler in their stall. It took a long time and a lot of work to get the zone controlled heating system installed in my barn. I had to hire four HVAC technicians to work together to install the furnace in time for my animals to move in. The HVAC technicians made sure that the furnace was safe and that there were no fire hazards I would have to worry about. The animals love the heating system, and often will see them standing near the air vent in their stall basking in the heat from the furnace. When summer came, I decided to get a central air container unit installed and connected to the zone controlled heating so that I could have each stall at different temperatures using the air conditioner. With another four HVAC technicians and a few days of work, the central air conditioner was installed in the barn and both me and the animals are extremely happy.

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