My father is a banker

I have been working in the heating and cooling industry for many years now. I must say that I have become a very successful HVAC technician. I can remember when I was first inspired by my grandfather who was an HVAC technician. He always did great work and taught me that if I worked hard, I could make a lot of money. Well, he was certainly right and I always did the best work I could no matter what. Even if the customers were rude people, I wouldn’t let that lower the quality of my work when working on their HVAC system. At the end of the day, I’m just full of pride that I am able to do such a great job. There was a time when it was all confusing to me, but eventually everything started to click. I guess that’s just how the learning process goes. One thing I have to say though is you really need a lot of experience to become a really great HVAC technician. Most of the things you must do and must know to look for are not easy for someone who is knew to this sort of work. Patience is entirely necessary to work your way into the heating and cooling industry. I’m happy that it’s the path I decided to take and I make great money just like my grandfather did in the past. My father is actually a banker and now he always recommends that his bank hire me for their heating and cooling services, and I give them a small discount for going with me. He’s certainly proud of me, and sometimes I think a little jealous. He always said he wished he could do something more exciting than what he does.

temperature control 

I changed my career

My brother Sean started up his own HVAC company. He used to be a contractor, but after years of doing that, he decided he had enough and was bored with it all. He worked for about 10 years as a contractor. Finally then, Sean turned in his contracting license and then he went back to school to do a six month program to get fully certified in heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and media air cleaners. Now that he’s started up his own heating and cooling business in our town, he says that his life is much happier and he doesn’t dread going to work anymore. He unquestionably enjoys the customers he meets when he’s out doing heating and cooling maintenance and installation plus he says that the work is pretty straightforward and it’s unquestionably rewarding, but i’m glad that he decided to go into another line of work, since the other job was stressing him out. Also, now that he’s able to work on cooling systems and oil furnaces, he comes to work on my units for myself and family for free! I guess increasing his job path was definitely the right thing for him to do. It’s so wonderful to have a brother in the HVAC industry! It saves us all money!

A/C and heating 

Our building needs a better air conditioner

I am really into Bluegrass music. It’s my absolute favorite in the whole entire world! I recently had went to a concert for this really famous bluegrass group when I was down south, you wouldn’t know how many people turned up to hear this group! People were lined up down the street to get into the place, and they were waiting in line for at least two hours before the concert started, but unfortunately, the people near the front of the line thought it would be a fantastic thing to hold the glass doors of the place open, even though the outside hot and humid temperatures that afternoon were well into the nineties. The air conditioner from the building’s central air conditioner unit went right out the door, so to speak. I can’t imagine how the idiots in front didn’t have enough sense to realize that they were basically causing the air conditioning unit to try and air condition the whole outdoors! Anyway, by the time that we all near the back of the line got into the building, it felt like about time they had the furnace running inside instead of the air conditioner. I was very miserable because I do not care about being near lots of other people when I am hot and yucky and the concert was super crowded. It was a really bad time for me sadly! Would not want to do that again!

anton’s heating and air 

I really want a newer air conditioner

Just the other week, I attended a magician’s convention that was being hosted at a absolutely immense convention & event center downtown. Not a lot of people heard of this type convention i’m sure, but I go every single year. This year, I had decided to go now, which was the beginning of the summer season. It’s very hot outside as it is. Outside the convention center, the temperature was in the high nineties & by the time I made it to the convention center, I had sweat dripping from my top hat & our pale white gloves, and when I went inside the immense building, I expected to be met by a nice blast of cold, air-conditioning air. Instead, I walked into a stuffy, sizzling hot building that felt like the inside of a greenhouse. It was not comfortable at all & I couldn’t understand why in the world the event management team had not set the thermostat to a cooler temperature in the building. It was absurdly sizzling hot & stuffy & the closer I got to the conference rooms for the main breakout sessions, the hotter it got. It felt like the place didn’t even have any air conditioning running at all. I peeled off my pale white gloves & took off my top hat, & I felt as if I had been sitting next to a furnace! I started to wonder if, as their next trick, the magicians had decided to make the central air conditioning HVAC unit disappear!

whole home comfort 

That is the icing on the cake

Just last weekend my wife and I went to this excellent concert. I remember when I first showed her the tickets to her favorite band, she went nuts! So when we went to the locale, I must say I was legitimately impressed with their excellent air quality, for a locale that was entirely packed full of people, it had to be incredibly challenging to keep the locale nice and cool! Their A/C system was big and flooded the whole arena with refreshing cool air! We were able to just sing along to our favorite songs and have a blast! I know if I had the singing talent, I would like singing a song for praising the excellent A/C inside of the locale! I would be singing away about how much I love that cool breeze and how comfortable it makes me. I think I’ll just stick to my day job as clearly I couldn’t make that song a hit! Or could I? All that matters is that we had an excellent time and of course we couldn’t have enjoyed it so much without that excellent climate control system at the concert locale! I just wish I could have gotten backstage passes, that would have been the icing on the cake! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get that, but I did get my wife to a locale where he was able to get an autograph! She was excited about that. She had a one of their newest albums and had that signed by every single member of the band!


I’m glad I did the HVAC maintenance

I really love our HVAC business, we always have the same HVAC specialist for the most part. He always goes above and beyond and he even has developed a nice relationship with our children. They are always happy to see fantastic old Ron when he comes over for our annually HVAC service. He even brings them games or candy sometimes and cracks jokes with all of us. He’s a fantastic guy. I always try to offer him a tip for his excellent service although he says he doesn’t need that and always kindly refuses any extra money. One time he told me that he makes so much money doing what he does that he could never feel okay about taking more money. That made me curious about how much HVAC specialists actually make and I was surprised at the amount he said he makes. It made me consider getting into another field. I actually work at the bank and I don’t enjoy my work. I guess actually working on HVAC systems and working close with the community would be much more satisfying. He explained to me that it wasn’t hard to get into the HVAC industry, simply an 18 technical training program at a trade school to get the HVAC certification and some internships and I was good to go. I thought that didn’t sound so awful though he made his job look incredibly simple. I knew that it couldn’t be all that simple or I wouldn’t need professional HVAC service all of the time. It was really something that I would be considering.

heater installation 

This is very cool

Recently my brother and his fiance joined me and my fiance on a nice cruise together. It was a good time but halfway through the cruise, we experienced a  problem with the climate control system inside of our cabin. We found out when we decided to go to our cabin to get dressed for swimming. When we stepped inside the cabin, the air quality was horrendous. It was  overheated inside of there and I was sure that I hadn’t shut off the thermostat. Well after messing with the thermostat for a little while, I was not able to get the climate control system working at all. I had to get help. Luckily, they kept an HVAC professional on the ship during these cruises which I thought was rather convenient. The HVAC specialist got to work on our climate control system in our cabin while we decided to go swimming. He gave us a pager and said he would beep us when he was finished with the job. That was  convenient, because we would know when we could go back to our room and enjoy refreshing A/C once again! After we were swimming, I finally got the beep on our pager. There was a message that said everything was working good and he left the A/C on for us. I thought that was mighty nice of that young HVAC worker. When we decided to go back to our cabin, it was perfectly cool and the rest of our cruise was a really good time! I told everyone that we should do this sort of thing more often!

cooling and heating 

The air conditioner is awesome

My grandma plus I don’t fight genuinely often, however when the two of us do, it gets pretty rough pretty fas… Last time, we got into a fight because she didn’t want to evacuate for a hurricane, then normally, I would agree with her–evacuating can be truly dangerous. Plus you can get stuck on a road plus die more often than you would at home. But, she had a category five storm barreling down at his little house. Besides, they had issued a mandatory evacuation for his area. Still, she didn’t want to go, because she didn’t want to go to a shelter. She said the shelters would make her kennel the cats in a room away from her, plus she didn’t want to leave them alone. However fortunately, our fight was finally ended over the phone as I heard a knock on her door in the background. A police officer was there to help her evacuate, plus insure that she got out safely. He said he would be back in an hour; if she wasn’t gone, he could escort her there. Finally, our grandma crated the cats plus took them to the shelter. She got genuinely lucky–the shelter worked on a generator throughout with a great quality HVAC. So even though the shelter was at capacity not long after she arrived, the central AC kept her comfortable. They even let grams visit the cats a few times throughout the night, mostly for her own peace of mind. Then when she got home, her condo was intact, though she had to clean off her condenser. The neighbor’s trampoline was on top of it.

air conditioner installation 

That’s pretty awful

The only thing worse than shovelling snow in the Wintertime weeks is having to deal with ice. If you have to go to work early in the day, you don’t have time to wait for your deicer to melt through the layers and make it safe to drive. This means you have to go out in the cold freezing air and just slam the tip of a blade of a shovel into the ice until it breaks, and shovel it aside. Ice typically weighs a lot more than snow, so it’s back breaking work. It has become our absolute least aspect of Wintertime, second only to having to shovel wet cement snow from the plows at the end of our driveway. Yet my neighbor doesn’t have to deal with breaking ice at all, because he and his family have used the latest in heating and air conditioning technology to do away with that for good. They have a heated driveway! While it sounded complicated at first, I did some digging and found they’re unquestionably pretty easy to install… A heated driveway works the same way a heated floor does, through a type of furnace called a radiant heater… Radiant furnaces can either be an electric radiant furnace or a hydronic heater; one is just electric wires, and the other is tubes full of heated water… Periodically you can even tie it into a previously existing plan if you have the right kind of oil furnace to start. You can also spread the plan out further to make a heated pool! I would really enjoy having a heated driveway like our neighbor–we would never have to deal with the disappointing ice again!

allied heating 

We’re looking for a better air conditioner

I consistently like just chilling on our covered patio! Both of us own this nice house on the lake plus all of us have this awesome covered patio. Both of us have the heating and air conditioning plan hooked up to it, so all of us can hang out on the patio pretty much whenever all of us want plus remain perfectly comfortable. However something I had installed in our household is heating and air conditioning zone control as well. However I did this so all of us could only utilize the heating and air conditioning plan where all of us happened to need it. This way I could have the heating and cooling turned off to the the rest of the house when all of us weren’t using it. Not only that but our heating and air conditioning plan had rapid heating and cooling! This was a perfect feature to go with heating and air conditioning zone control because the heating and cooling gets to where it needs to be within seconds. It’s fantastic not having to waste energy on the entire house, especially when all of us assume we’re going to be hanging out on the patio for hours on end just enjoying the view. Both of us prefer to watch nature roam the area plus the ducks on the lake. Both of us even get geese that come through as well; it’s fun to watch what they are getting into. Both of us entirely prefer our locale a fantastic deal–I really wouldn’t trade our house or our attractive heating and air conditioning plan for anything! My partner was telling me the other day about something that would make our heating and air conditioning component even better. I couldn’t imagine that anything could be better than what all of us had; then he told me about smart control units. I was fascinated instantly!

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